Wamba, workshop with Samburu women, july 2011
Maria Neila, Maralal, Samburu. This young girl was rescued 2 days before she gets cut and married by force. July 2011


On going projects

2011 projects :

- Our campaign against FGM (female genital mutilations) started on 2009 up to 2011 continues to take place in many areas of Kenya. This last year in Samburu district (Maralal, Wamba) and in Transmara.

- We plan to build 2 new classrooms in Engasakinoi village, Rombo area, Loitokitok district. The around villages have classes with 100-110 pupils each. It's an urgent need to have more classes.

- Alphabetisation project for rural maasai women. Funded by GIVING WOMEN

- Construction of a classroom to the small village IWOL, in SENEGAL.

- School furniture for 80 pupils in class 1 and 2 at IWOL. Planned for october 2011.

- We need 20-25 more school grants for High school needy but brilliant students. Particularly Maasai girls.

CARAN D'ACHE DONATION - Genève. The swiss pencil industrie offers to us around 1000 colors pens which we have distributed among 5 elementary kenyan schools.



Cecilia, a mother that MAA helped paying to her Hospital to give birth by cesarian, and also to feed with powder milk her baby ( aboy called Lemayian) so, that the baby is not infected by HIV.

Cecilia, very proud with her cow. She has 2 more children to feed.


Help a project, on line :


Outreach Projects



In 2010, M.A.A. equiped fully a boy's dormitory in Ilntumtum village. We bought for them beds, matresses, bedings, pilows, and also kitchen utensils. The building of the dormitory was finished 3 years ago (funded by KCF) but since then abandonded because of lack of further funds.

We thank for the help in this project :

- La Fondation ROBIN DE BOIS

- La Fondation BNP PARIBAS

- UNWG (don 2009)

The dormitory hosts 50 pupils from 8 to 15 years old, that live with their families quite distant from school, so they could not get educated before.

Photos du dortoir


M.A.A. equiped with sanitaries (3 WC, 3 shower-rooms) Ilntumtum primary school and his girl's dormitory.

M.A.A. also shipped around 500 story books in English, donated to Ilkinsonko High School (Loitokitok district). Here are some photos :



M.A.A. has paid school fees to 25 young girls (8 to 15) in the boarding primary school "Rombo girls", inRombo, Loitokitok.


Visit to UMOJA village at Archer's Post, Samburu.


First contact with Borana community and life. Later this area has been included in MAA campaign to eradicate FGM.



2 classrooms in Elerai primary, Loitokitok

During 2007 M.A.A. built two new classes for the primary school of "Elerai", Oloitokitok District, besides Kilimanjaro.

In that small village children were taking lessons under the trees, because the small wooden building (only 2 classes) has been assessed dangerous by the Ministry of Health and it was simply closed. No matter if 350 children remained without any school facility.



Dormitory for 50 maasai girls at Ilntumtum

Ilntumtum village, Narok district

How you can school Maasai children living at a distance of 3-4 hours by foot from the nearest school ? After hard thinking on the question and taking into account the local conditions (no road, no public transport) we launch the project of building a dormitory near the school. In that way, the pupils can stay 5 days a week in the Ilntumtum village and follow school lessons every day, then go back at their remote homes for the week-end. 

The MAA (Maasai Aid Association) executive committee is very happy to announce that this project has been successfully completed.

The project comprises :

  • building a dormitory with a total surface of 200 m2, and a capacity of 50 beds, just besides the primary school of Ilntumtum

  • building a kitchen/cantina next to the dormitory (80 m2)

  • full equiped dormitory with bedings and bedsheets, pillows etc, and fully equiped kitchen with utencils.

  • construction of a water tank with a capacity of 37’000 litres and a collection system (pipes gathering rainfall water from the roofs of the two buildings)

  • four toillettes and bathrooms for the 50 children.

The Narok County Council offers food to puplis, during the school year.

We thank heartily the following donors :

  • l' Etat de Genève (Service de solidarité internationale)

  • Commune de Cologny

  • Commune de Lancy

  • Commune de Meyrin

  • La ville de Genève

  • L'Institut Robin des Bois

Dormitory for 50 Maasai pupils

Dormitory inside

Parents have participated with their work along the whole project.

A committee of Maasai mothers keep the keys of the dormitory and takes care of the common wealth.


MAA offers regularly school material to small remote Kenyan schools (books, bloc-notes, colour pencils, school uniforms).

The "Worldwide English" of "Collège de Claparède" (High school) in Geneva has collected money and offered to the primary school of Ilntumtum in 2004 a library with 100 titles in English and Kiswahili.



  • Two classroom built in primary school of Ilntumtum, for 40 more children each

    (near Narok)

  • Fulfilled project on 2003-2004 

    thanks to a private donation and the support of "Foundation BNP Paribas Swiss",

    in collaboration with MED-Kenya

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