Our goals

M.A.A. (Maasai Aid Association) is a Swiss law charity, founded on 1.1.2004 and based in Geneva (Switzerland). However, MAA team has operated since 2003, under the name "MED section suisse", as a branch of a kenyan NGO. This colaboration being a fiasco, we continued then alone.

According to our status, our goals are :

M.A.A. aims to help the development of education in Kenya, especially the support to education of Maasai needy children, it defends Human Rights and more specifically Children Rights in Kenya, in accordance with the Constitution and the Civil Code of Kenya (reference to FGM and early forced marriages), it is committed to rescue Kenyan children in moral and physical distress and finally it supports sustainable development projects in the country and particularly in Maasai people regions.


Our structure

The M.A.A. association is directed by a 7-9 members committee :

Comité 2011

AG 2011


Comittee for 2012 :


President :  CORSINI-KARAGOUNI Annie

Vice President : Dr. Aliki AGORITSAS

Treasurer :  DESSON Françoise

Secretary : DORIOT-KIMOTENKE Paule

Members :  

       SIMON Julien          



Auditors :

          DESCOURVIERES Didier

          SCHULTE Dorothée  

The general assembly which takes place at the beggining of every year and is the highest authority according the Swiss Civil Code (art 60 and more).


  • World Health Organisation (WHO) 
  • The International Network to Analyze, Communicate and Transform the Campaign against Female Genital Cutting, I.N.T.A.C.T. (Cairo)
  • The "Inter African Committee" aginst Harmful practices
  • The Catholic mission of Rombo
  • Womens International Network
  • Johns Hopkins BLOOMBERG School of Public Health

How to become a member

  • sponsor the scholaship of child,  or
  • pay an annual fee of 40 CHF (26 Euro or 40 USD), or
  • make a donation to support one of our projects or campaigns.


We thank very much  

  • The Foundation BNP Paribas Suisse
  • Infomaniak SA
  • Les communes de Présinge, Lancy, Satigny et Chêne-Bourg
  • The UNWG (United NAtions Women Guild)
  • The department of solidarity and internationale cooperation of "Canton de Genève"
  • The dozens of sponsors and donors who allow a maasai child to get a better life , the right to dignity, the right to have a childhood and get an education as all children in the world dream of.

  • Collaborators and partners in Kenya

    Jerusha Naneu, Kajiado, Narok
    Leshinka Martin, Rombo, Loitokitok
    Mary Agoa, Kisii
    Monika, Kajiado
    Nemayian, Rombo, Loitokitok
    Peter, Narok
    Suzan, Narok et Transmara
    Nekoko, Rombo, Loitokitok
    Anastasia, Rombo Loitikitok

    Eliminata, Rombo Loitikitok

    Grace, Narok
    Redempta, Narok
    Head Teacher Enkusero, Moses
    Monica Silantoi, Narok
    John Sieni, Ololulunga
    Jane à Transmara
    Councelor at Inkorienito, Transmara
    Mily, Transmara
    Prof. Joyce Aramat, Transmara
    Chief, Nailara, Transmara
    Prof. à Oloonkolin, Transmara

    Evelyne, Transmara

    Mary, Transmara
    Prof. Evelyne, Maralal, Sambourou
    Chief. Maralal,Celina
    Prof. Justine, Maralal
    Prof. Sarafino Maralal
    Prof. Sévérina, Maralal

    Prof. Pamela Wamba- Sambourou

    Jane, Nanuyki, SEWDO

    Elisabeth, Nanuyki, SEWDO

    Patrick, chief Wamba, Sambourou



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