The amount of your contribution is not important. Every shilling is worth to Maasai children. They need your help anyway.


Make a donation or give a sponsorship on line :

Because primary education has been declared by UN as a "Millenium development goal" to achieve, because the Rights of the Child are always threteaned under living conditions where extreme poverty and ignorance occur, and because Maasai girls have the right to the corporal integrity and dignity and in a better future thanks to education, for all those reasons and for a hundred more, helping the children is an act of solidarity. You can declared your solidarity by :


  • buying a traditional Maasai beadwork (jewellery) handcraft by Maasai mothers click here
  • sponsoring the school fees of a needy child (see under "activities")
  • contributing in one of our on-going projects, supporting rural schools in Maasailand
  • making a donation to support our campaign against FGM
  • offering your volunteer work in one of our information campaigns on the field
  • making suggestions, giving us ideas, submitting proposals for events (organizing an event, inviting us to participate in a fair, a meeting, or for giving a conference)

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