Tourism with a heart



Our project of humanitarian tourism arose from the combination of two factors :

  • The need to finance our educators’ expeditions in the most isolated Maasai villages.

  • The increasing demand for an authentic, responsible, and useful form of tourism.

We thus developed the idea of organizing expeditions from Kenyan towns, gathering some travellers, an educator, and a small team providing the logistics. The cost of these expeditions, financed by the travellers, is completely dedicated to their direct financing (vehicles, meal, and staff). The association makes no profit.

The open-air tutorials we have given until now have been highly welcomed, and proved to be very effective. Some of them even led to positive initiatives on behalf of the local women to organize “life without excision.”

Statement of principle

The expeditions, subsidized by the travellers, seek to support the fight against female genital mutilation among the Maasai population of Kenya. Our open-air tutorials take place in conditions similar in comfort to a tent safari, in areas where populations live according to an intact traditional culture.

We are very careful not to be “lesson-givers” : our whole action relies on local competence, and we act with the highest respect for the Maasai culture. This point is particularly important for the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM), which requires a deep knowledge of the cultural context, and true humility. Our guests are also expected to abide by these principles of respect.

In turn, we do not ask questions about our guests’ motivations, which can range from simple friendly curiosity to a strong, moral commitment.

In addition, we think that there is no contact without exchange. If we can help the Maasai populations, whether through information or through improvements in their quality of life, they, in turn, move us with their serene force, their dignity, their extraordinary knowledge of the natural environment, and their strong family and social values.


Bookings and rates

Your satisfaction

The concessions in terms of comfort - minimal but satisfactory - are highly rewarded by the benefits of the journey.

You can be certain that your journey serves the cause of human rights, and women’s in particular. You participate actively in this action, and can check by yourself which use is made of your funds.


Bookings and rates

Children 10 and older are welcome. The total daily cost is $90/ person in the expedition (maximum 6-8 persons), $45 for children under 15. Families are particularly appreciated because the family values are dear to the Maasais.

Students’ rate is 80% of the full rate.

We ask you to book at least two months before departure, to allow us to organize the expedition.

To book or to get more information, please contact :  : e-mail


Please feel free to “copy” this idea and apply it to another African country. All means that can be used to protect young girls and women from FGM are worth using. Sharing information about health, integrity, and human rights and encouraging improvements in those areas is essential. Your trip may come with a price tag, but your involvement is invaluable.



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